Our strength training classes combine cardio AND strength to bring your body results. Our resistance circuit-training builds stamina, strengthens bones and prevents injury. If you’re a “cardio-junkie”, exceed goals and torch more calories in your spin class...why? You’re STRONGER! Science proves that the best training incorporates both cardio and strength exercises, longevity is the key!   

Strength Training

This class is 50 minutes of action and play, guaranteed to leave you sweating, burning calories and feeling amazing!. You’ll use stability balls, gliding disks, bands, rubber balls, dumbbells and body-bars. This class is for all fitness levels and ages.

Athletic Body Conditioning

This class incorporates kettlebells for a total-body workout, combining cardio, strength and flexibility training. You’ll perform circuits of explosive and static exercises, while focusing on body mindfulness and posture. This class is great for all levels of fitness. After just 50 minutes, you’ll feel like a champion!

Abs & Arms

This 30 minute add on class is perfect for getting a nice and quick arms and abs workout after that amazing spin class! Come ready to work your butt off!


It takes teamwork! In 45 minutes of focused training for balanced strengthening, you’ll develop true core strength, stability, and effective generation of force production for dynamic movement, all to maintain healthy spinal structure and function. You’ll also learn breathing techniques for better performance.

Life Long Body

This 35 minute class is backed with a Pilates-based stretch, core and arm work perfect for immediately following your spin class!