Riley McAlpine


“Don’t look back you aren’t going that way"

Having been a CAT 1 cyclist for Helens/Trek/Volkswagen in Los Angeles and a Revolution Fitness veteran of 15 years, Riley incorporates her outdoor racing/training into her 20+ years of teaching indoor cycling classes. What brings the two elements together? THE MUSIC and a super sense of fun. Why exercise if you aren’t having any fun? Don’t be fooled however, her classes will leave you sweaty and breathless every time… there will be nothing left at the end but a tired body and a happy soul. 

Music:  Top hits (it’s a bonus to find remixes of them), Retro/Remixes, Kodo (jungle) drums, mashups, anything with a great BEAT.

Fun Fact: Riley won first place in The Furnace Creek 508 mile non stop bicycle race through Death Valley!