Bryan Moore


“Release endorphins, smile, maybe even have a laugh!”

Shake up your workout routine and build camaraderie along with a seriously toned body in Bryan’s incredible Indo-Row class. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll already know that this is a killer fitness regimen, promising a full body workout and astonishing results. By ‘rowing’ with classmates as a crew, you’ll hit every major muscle group. Whether you’re new to the class or an experienced pro, Bryan diligently ensures that every student gets the right, personalized (and hard!) but appropriate workout. Plus, Bryan’s awesome music and great banter make his classes fun! Expect pure exhilaration and results. Shape a rower’s body—indoors!   

Music: Upbeat classic rock

Fun Fact: After college, Bryan traveled throughout Europe and North Africa on less than 20 dollars a day... brave man! Bryan is married to Rev’s fabulous Steph... brave man!