Top 5 Benefits of Working Out With a Partner

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I'm here to tell you that working out doesn't have to be a drag. Because let’s be honest - everything’s better with friends.

Here are five ways to get a kick out of your fitness routine. Grab a workout buddy, schedule a workout & get to it!

I'm telling you that working out with a friend has so many benefits, and here's why...

  1. Accountability

    • You're more likely to workout when you and your workout buddy set a date and time to working out together or taking a class. Canceling, means inconveniencing a friend-- why go through that? Simply making plans with someone else makes you less inclined to cancel. Just stick with the plan.

  2. Motivation

    • Besides keeping you accountable, friends can help you with a boost of motivation when you need it the most. I don't know about you, but motivation is what keeps me going on a daily basis. We're all human, some days we just don't have it in us. It makes a difference when you have a friend give you a boost of motivation, and kick a** the rest of the day.

  3. Friendly Competition

    • Challenging yourself at times can simply be a challenge on it's own. But when your working out with friends, or even in a group, its easy to set a fitness challenge as a whole; you each can tailor it to your own fitness levels. And it doesn't matter what it is; it can be pushing yourself for another rep, running the extra mile or just showing up to DO the WORK.

  4. Having More Fun

    • As they say "time flies when you are having fun" or being distracted to say the least. Let's be honest, we are more productive when we're working out together. Chatting with a friend as you both burn calories while passing time quickly, just makes it more enjoyable.

  5. Get Better Results

    • When you combine all these benefits of working out with friends, it is easy to understand why you'll get better results. You are willing to put in more time and effort in helping each reach your goals; pushing each other past your comfort zones. Keeping each other accountable, having a bit of competition and having fun, will giving you the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals!


Tell us in the comments below, why you like to workout with a partner?